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College Facilities

Being a student at GCE is more than just about your course. We offer a vibrant campus environment with top-class facilities and we have a wide range of accommodation options for our students.
We help you work towards your degree with state-of-the art facilities and tailored services. For instance, we provide number of open access computers, free wi-fi on campus. And because your success will depend on experience as much as facilities, we focus on work placements and careers advice throughout your degree.

GCE with its exceptional infrastructure and competent faculties will contribute positively towards moulding a new generation of professionals worthy of serving the academic institutions in the emerging scenario and participate in the process of nation building .It is firmly stated that the trainees passing out successfully from this college will be vibrant, skilled, adventurous and Knowledgeable with the burning desire to excel in the field of teaching. Both inside and outside the classroom, we seek to cultivate a community that is engaged, responsive and innovative.

Hostel on Rent is available for Girls only at Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma. Rather, Students for from other parts of district Koderma are given accommodation on rent if desired.

(i) Spoken English Facility for Students
(ii) Games & Sports
(iii) Personality Development for students
(iv) Teaching facility with the help of projector and Over Head Projector (OHP).
(v) Music Facility.
(vi) Campus Selection for students every year on Sunday of Februrary 1st week.
(vii) Sound and Music system with the help of Tabla, Harmonium, Casio, Mic, Dafli, Naal, Cassette etc.

Health education is both "contents and a process" comprising of desired change in knowledge, attitudes and practices. Sports and physical training constitutes an essential part of education. Physical development of the body is required for healthy growth of mental abilities. Regular physical exercises and training and active participation in various disciplines of sports and games are encouraged under the guidance of trained teacher and coach. Team events teach us to contribute individually towards a common goal and to work for common cause. But individual events exhorts one to excel all others in the race. Athletics, indoor & outdoor events like Ludo, Chess, caramboard, Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Javelin Throw, Discuss Throw, Kabbadi, Kho-kho etc. are a few of such individual events the trainees are encouraged to practice.
      Our college has well equipped Health and Physical Education Resource Centre for training of students teachers to enhance the knowledge about important role of health and physical education in society.



An Educational Institution without a library is just a house without a kitchen.Library is the heart of any institution.A library can do without an institution whereas an institution cannot function without a library.The basic purpose of our library is to provide the services of right information to the right reader at the right time.

The college is well equipped with a large number of books on education in particular and on the subjects.The library has very rich collection of rare books,reference books,encyclopedias,dictionaries,biographies,spiritual books and many more.

Library is partially/semi-automated through library management software. One can search the bibliographic record of books and other documents available in the library.E-books,e-journals,e-newspaper are also available in the pdf form. As such the library reading room provides excellent atmosphere to update their knowledge in various field.

Members of library committee
1Dr. Sanjeeta Kumari Principal
2Rimi Kumari Librarian
3Dr.Choudhari Prem Prakash Professor
4 Dr.Bhupendra Thakur Professor
5Prof.Vivekanand Pandey Professor
6Pankaj Yadav Student Representative


The library has total of 5817 books on Education in particular and, on general subjects too available in two mediums i.e. English and Hindi. The library has valuable collection of Reference books, National and International level journals.

1 Total No. of books 5817
2Total Titles in the library 2845
3Text book related to course 2798
4Reference Books 454
5 Encyclopedias 105
6Dictionaries 33
7Journals 12
1Font Line
2 Kurukshetra
3Vigyan Pragati
5Success Mirror
6India Today
7Pratiyogita Darpan
8Competition Success Review
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