The College has a small canteen in the campus.  The objective of the canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food-borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions, and preventing adulterated food.  From the very beginning of the College in 2009, Grizzly College of Education has been functioning efficiently.  The canteen is located inside the College.  The management of the Canteen is directly under the control of the college administration.  The menu plans by the assigned team of Management’s instruction.  Liberalization of food trade, growing consumer demand, physical setup, and sanitary conditions are also discussed during the appraisal.  Also, suggestions, complaints, and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration.  The hostellers and day scholars are provided meals to assuring food safety and quality.  The waste utilization of the canteen is efficiently done through the waste recycling plant installed on the campus.  A bio-gas plant is installed near the canteen.  Bio-degradable waste is converted into manure through this plant and the gas produced is used for cooking.  The canteen and the surroundings are always kept neat and tidy.  Plastic bags of less than 10 micron are not permitted inside the campus.