Vision & Mission

The Institution becomes a knowledge hub where the next generation teachers would be equipped with a multidisciplinary perspective of knowledge; grounded with values rooted in Indian culture and history; empowered with twenty-first-century skills; and committed to professional excellence to produce manpower for the country as well as for the global world.
•    To Provide experience-based learning for multifaceted development
•    To contribute to National development through teacher education
•    To integrate pedagogy and technology for learning
•    To promote self-learning and group learning
•    To develop global competencies and life skills among students
•    To acquire multilingual skills and demonstrate effective communication
•    To relate knowledge with day-to-day experience
•    To adopt technology to address the explosion of knowledge
•    To imbibe constitutional and human values based on Indian culture
•    To follow inclusive practices in all activities organized by the institution
•    To identify the uniqueness of every learner and nurture him/her