Innovation & Best Practice

Grizzly College of Education's commitment is to provide quality teacher education through the implementation of best practices that add value to human life and support the important cause of an institution. Institutional best practices help the development of an institution fulfill its social responsibility. Institutional Best Practices are the essential tools for the development of teacher education. The institution implements best practices for developing the teaching ability and competency of trainee teachers. Institutional Best Practices are created to ensure the best opportunities to implement the various innovative activities and programmes for institutions. Teacher educators and trainee teachers strive to maintain and enhance the quality in the field of teaching and learning for trainee teachers. Colleges are undertaking different types of best practices as per their institutional environment, trying to bring about innovations and new ideas for application in classroom situations. Institutional best practices boost the educational atmosphere of the college and connect to the ground-level holistic development of teacher education. Best practices have reflected the credibility and intellectual life of the institution.