Women Development Cell

Grizzly College of Education is well prepared to handle and respond to gender-sensitive issues and provide an environment where men and women can work together with a sense of personal security and dignity. For this purpose, the institute has set up a gender sensitization cell. The cell engrosses awareness about gender issues and works towards creating an enabling environment of gender justice. The institution provides a conducive and healthy atmosphere where females and males work together with respect, dignity, and a sense of responsibility toward personal safety and security. The institute has counseling and mentoring activities, women grievance committee, and an internal complaint committee for gender sensitization with equal representation of male and female staff and students. The activities are performed with the objective to spread awareness about gender issues and provide an environment with gender equity.
Main objectives of the Gender Sensitization cell are:
•    To make young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive values that support the girls and their rights.
•    To provide overall guidance to the peer group in integrating/mainstreaming gender in all activities of the Institution in the form of focused group discussions, debates, poster-making competitions, etc.
•    To provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the social and cultural constructions of gender that shape the experiences of women and men in society.
•    To generate awareness in regard to equality in law, social system and democratic activities.

Women Development Cell (WDC)

Name Designation WDC Bearing Designation Contact Details
Prof. (Dr.) B. C. Swain Principal, GCE Chairperson Mob. No. 7070098791, E- mail: principal@grizzlycollege.org
Mrs. Mirdula Bhagat Asst. Professor, GCE Convener Mob. No. 9934576589,E-mail:mridula.bhagat@grizzlycollege.org
Mrs.Nisha Kumari Librarian, GCE Member Mo. No. 6207980684, E-mail: library@grizzlycollge.org
Mrs. Binita Bandopadhaya Asst. Professor, GCE Member Mob. No. 8240572695, E-mail: binitagraphics@gmail.com
Miss Shweta Singh Student, Session: 2021-23 Member (Student Representative) Mob. No. 8340604764, Email: priyakqr90@gmail.com
Miss Mahima Kumari Student, Session: 2021-23 Member (Student Representative) Mob. No. 9128474844,E-mail: mahimalal24@gmail.com
Miss Shruti Priya Student, Session: 2021-23 Member (Student Representative) Mob. No. 7361065616, E-mail: shrutipriya9955@gmail.com

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