Time Table

The timetable is a necessary tool for the efficient working of a school. It is really a mirror that reflects the entire educational programme of the school. "It is the timetable that supplies the framework within which the work of the college proceeds. A well-constructed timetable establishes a natural routine, which can be comforting to teachers and students. Having a plan as a learner is very important as it helps you maximise and prioritise the things that are of urgency or importance. Most students do not have an organised study plan, and if they do, they fail to follow the plan. The timetable shows exactly what is to be done at a particular time. It, thus, directs the attention of the pupil to one thing at a time. Thus, one's energy is automatically directed in a particular direction, which prevents wastage of time and energy. It also prevents confusion, duplication, overlapping, and unnecessary repetition on the part of the pupil and the teacher. The timetable gives due place, extension, and emphasis to various subjects and activities, according to their relative importance or difficulty.
The Grizzly College of Education organises a well-constructed timetable for students. The presence of a timetable will make sure that the student gets some breaks during the day along with studies, and it will help them stay on track even in times like these when maintaining a balanced schedule is more difficult. A well-structured timetable develops the habit of self-discipline. Accomplishing tasks will be easier for him/her. His productivity will increase and help him move much closer to success and happiness.
A good timetable aids in inculcating the habits of orderliness, punctuality, and steadiness of purpose in students. It ensures regularity and even progress. It develops a methodical attitude towards work among students. Such adherence to a pre-arranged plan of work is the secret to success by preventing laxity.