Gender Sensitization

Women's empowerment and gender equality are one of the primary concerns of Grizzly College of Education. Institution practices to bring a positive change in the attitude and support equity among genders within the institute and in our outreach. The goal of gender sensitization is to address issues in gender equality and encourage participants to pursue solutions. This can be achieved by conducting various sensitization campaigns, training centres, workshops, programs, etc. In the domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, sensitization is seen as an awareness-informed propensity or disposition which aims at changing behaviour so that it is sensitive to certain issues. Gender sensitization may be seen as "the awareness informed propensity to behave in a manner which is sensitive to gender justice and gender equality issues 
•    To promote inclusiveness, tolerance, harmony, and women's empowerment among the students and staff. 
•    Conduct activities like Blood donation camp, Aids awareness, and female feticide. 
•    Promoting activities related to health, nutrition, self-defense, and entrepreneurship among the female students. 
•    Conduct workshops related to cybercrime, safety, and security in hotels and career enhancement for female students. 
•    Provide professional counseling to the students. 
•    Guidance regarding the financial investment for students and staff. 
•    Conduct workshops that promote diversity and gender-sensitive communication for students and staff alike. 
•    Mentorship in college is to be provided where faculty and students can approach matters of gender-related issues.
•    Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for implementation and their follow-ups. 
•    Conducting regular awareness-raising activities among students and staff 
•    Balanced gender quota while recruitment. 
•    Students' code of conduct promotes gender parity at the governance level.